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WARNING: Mature and Sexual Situations
Lee promises to drop your bags off at his room if you haven’t returned in time for check out. As you ride the elevator up to his room you’re a bundle of nerves. It was hard to fight the feelings when neither of you thought the other was free. Now you know that he spoke the truth when he said the two of you were doing nothing wrong. It’s like a weight has lifted from your shoulders; however, that's now been replaced by screaming, ramped up on Meth butterflies. It seems calculating in a way to know that you are heading there with the intent to seduce him. On the other hand, he’s been doing nothing but that since he found out you feel the same way.
As you approach his door you rub your sweaty hands on your pants and take a deep breath. It isn’t like you’re going to jump him the minute he opens the door. Well, that’s what you keep telling yourself because you actually are afraid that you will. While you’re pretty sure he would respond in the affirmative, it would still be embarrassing. Or would it? Maybe for about two minutes, maybe less? Stop it! You tell yourself and reach up to knock on his door.
He’s gotten comfortable while waiting for you; he opens the door barefoot with a button down shirt that only has about three buttons done. His hair is slightly damp, it looks like he took another shower. You mentally keep telling yourself, feet on the floor, hands to yourself. He ruins that by smiling, holding his hand out to you and pulling you inside. In the short entryway he stops you, pulls you close and briefly touches his lips to yours. As he lifts his head he apologizes.
“I had to. I’ve thought of nothing else but doing that all day.” He rubs his thumb against your chin, “You’d know that if you’d checked your text messages.”
He looks at you like he's reprimanding you but you simply laugh. The butterflies have dispersed and once more it's just he and you. The comfort of the familiar, the ease of knowing you are accepted wholly by the person in front of you. You decide that having a little fun to lighten this will ease the pressure even more.
You reach up and ruffle his damp hair, “Hmm, so it was another cold shower?”
He looks down at you with a smile that lights up his whole face, “You love to torment me don’t you? I didn’t realize there was a cruel side to you.”
“You didn’t answer the question.”
He sighs, moves his hands down over your rear and pinches,
“Yes minx, it was another cold shower. However,” he begins as he pulls your hips closer to his, “they are beginning to not work. I have the feeling I’m going to be walking around with a constant hard-on. Not the most comfortable or easiest thing to do mind you.”
The little devil on your shoulder has you rubbing yourself against his obvious desire. His hands grip your hips stopping you; his voice lowering, his eyes darkening,
“You’re playing with fire.”
You reach up on tiptoe and brush your lips against his; then turn away and walk into the room, “Didn’t you say something about feeding me?”
He has dinner set up out on the balcony, you turn and look at him.
“This looks oddly familiar.”
He pulls out your chair, “When something works, why not repeat it?”
Through the meal the two of you are back to normal, talking about anything and everything. Little side comments about each other that you couldn’t do with Lee there, included. After dinner the two of you wander back into his suite,
“I don’t want you to leave yet. A movie?”
You smile; you have no intention of leaving anytime soon.
“Sure. Do they have a list of what’s available or do we just have to click around?”
He hands you a list as his phone rings, “It’s Eun. I’ll just be a minute.”
While he’s in the other room you check the texts he sent to you earlier in the day.
[HN]: You have no idea how badly I want to kiss you. But a simple kiss would just ignite this fire for you.
You see others from throughout the day. When did he send these?
[HN]: I wish my camera could catch the way the sunlight highlights your hair. It doesn’t do it justice.
[HN]: “If I had a flower for every time I thought of you, I could walk in my garden forever”. A.L.Tennyson
His final text is a quote to finish, attached to a selfie of the two of you by the turtle boat.
[HN]: “I don’t want to lose you,” he whispered again.
YOU: “And I don’t want to be lost”.
You put your phone on silent and decide on a movie that you’ve already seen so it doesn’t matter that you won’t watch it all. He comes in as he hangs up, looking up at you as he gets your text response. He sits next to you on the couch, pulling you into his side and kissing your temple.
“Is this what we’re watching?”
You nod, “Is that alright?”
“Of course.”
He puts his feet up on the coffee table and you snuggle in against him. During the course of the movie your arms have encircled his waist, his hand continually strokes your hair or draws circles on your back. About mid-way through he makes an adjustment to how he’s sitting. You’ve felt the growing evidence of his feelings all through the movie and figure now is as good a time as any.
When he moves you poke him. You’re rewarded with the same grunt as this morning. You move your hand and tickle his underarm.
He quickly grabs you, “[YN]”.
“Yes?" You look up at him but he's turned away. "You promised me we’d continue this game later. It’s later isn’t it? Or are you backing out?”
His head quickly swings down towards you, his eyes searching yours to make sure he heard you correctly. You simply move your hand to the opening in his shirt, splaying it across his abs. You stretch up and outline his lips with your tongue.
“Are you backing out?”
Before you even have a chance to take a breath, his hands are in your hair and his mouth crushed to yours. Your mouth opens willingly, a sigh escaping. Finally, oh God, finally, this man will be wholly yours.
Positions are switched on the couch, where you now cradle him with your arms and hips. Your lips are swollen when he finally looks down at you.
“I’ve waited too long for this; I don’t want it to be over too soon.”
You sit up a little and pull your t-shirt over your head. You watch his eyes darken in appreciation and then close as he tries to get control over himself.
When your hands reach for the button of his pants, his eyes fly open.
“We can go slow next round,” you whisper as you bring his head back down to yours.
Hes not the only one in need of a cold shower.
👏🏻🙌🏻👏🏻 finally we've been chasing this since day one 😂😂
I love it I love it I love it made my day
glad i just took a shower. always great to read. But wooh gotta know the situation with Eun
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