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Original Card By: @kpopINT Tagged By: @Baekyeol27 & @kpopINT Situation: You only have room on your only one music device to store 5 Kpop songs. Whatever songs you pick you must keep them for 6 months straight. You cannot trade them out for any other songs during this 6 month period. What 5 Kpop songs would you pick? Directions 1. Make a playlist of these 5 Kpop songs. 2. Tag us (@kpopINT) 3. Tag your friends and challenge them
I love challenges like this! I've been going through my playlist listening & really thinking about what songs I would be able to listen to for 6 months without a switch up.
So this is what the playlist would look like if I actually decided to do this challenge lol.
VIXX LR- Beautiful Liar There is just something about this song that pulls me in, I never get tired of it.
San E. feat. Bumkey- Body Language For me no playlist is complete without this type of song.
Zion T.- No Make Up This is one of my favorite chill & listen songs, I never tire of this mans voice. Plus, I love the message of the song.
BTS- Save Me This song has pretty much taken over my life! No lie, I easily listen to this around a dozen times a day. There is just something about it, the beat, the lyrics... These boys got me & they know it.
G-Dragon- Window This song is a constant in my life, I don't go for very long without listening to it. Absolutely one of my go to songs for certain situations.
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Thanks for playing! You made some awesome choices!