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Waifu Wednesday{WW} Watching My Husbando
This is Tsunayoshi Sawada or Tsuna for short. He is a sweet guy and really kind. One thing you should know is Tsuna is in the mafia and heir to being the tenth boss. Tsuna is mainly known as Vongola X or Vongola Decimo. Anime: Katekyo Hitman Reborn Husbando: Tsunayoshi Sawada @hikaymm @InVisybll @PASCUASIO @AshChrimson @BlackoutZJ @littlemaryk @SAMURXAI @DestinyAgnew @tyler619cruz @SimoneSanders
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@NeckoNecko it is I Gokudera your right hand man Juudaime! Please tell me how to serve you!
a year ago·Reply
@AdamDean A-ah......
a year ago·Reply
@AdamDean Tsuna: P-protect me with your life Gokudera-kun!
a year ago·Reply
@NeckoNecko Hai Juudaime! Come at me you bastards! You won't lay a finger on my Juudaime!
a year ago·Reply
❤ him~~
a year ago·Reply