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So if found this theory on Tumblr and whoever wrote this went into so much detail that I had to share. Credit to kku-joo on Tumblr.


This person believes that the story went like Town>Clan>War. She think this because Monsta X has tattoos in the clan and war scenes but not in the town scenes. She use Kihyun as an example.
She then focuses on Shownu story: He has a sick grandparent that he wants to keep alive but medication costs too much. He debates what to do and eventually ask Jooheon for help. Jooheon supplies him with a gun and they rob a bank
When Shownu comes back he finds out that his grandparent has died. He now has no use for the money and burns it. He regrets his decision of robbing the bank.
Now we move on to Minhyuk and Hyungwon story: The relationship between them is hard to defined (brotherly, romantic, etc.) but they are obviously very close. Hyungwon has an abusive father who is a strict police chief. After Hyungwon, Shownu, and Jooheon confront police officers who were trying to attack a shoestand(?), Hyungwon's father shows up. Everybody knows him, you can tell by all of their expressions. You can tell that They don't like him since they throw down thier sticks in front of him.
Hyungwon's face becomes grim,he knows what he did wrong. He mocked a police officer that was under his father's command. His father says something to him. Hyungwom stands up to say something but gets smack. Minhyuk knows their relationship and gets worried
After Hyungwon goes home, Minhyuk goes to check on him. He finds him in a messy room with a mask over his face. Meaning he probably got into another fight with his dad. Minhyuk convinces him to remove his mask and is furious at what he sees. He decides to take matters into his hands.
He should've comforted Hyungwon because he really needed it but instead he leaves without a word. Hyungwon misunderstands this as Minhyuk being angry at him for not talking to him about this. He now believes the only person who cares about him now hates him.
On the other hand Minhyuk recruits I.Mand Wonho and goes BTS "FIRE" on the police station and burns it down for revenge
The next day Minhyuk goes to see Hyungwon only to find out that he has drowned himself in the bathtub. He then realizes that he should've comforted Hyungwon and blames himself for his death. He then uses the flower juice to bring him backto life. He then climbs into the tub with him and comforts him until he wakes up. You see Hyungwon hand squezze Minhyuk in understanding and forgives him.
She then goes on to say that the members who eyes are close has already have their stories told. This means that I.M, Wonho, Kihyun, and Joheoon's stories will be told in part 2.
And after all of this....We still don't know wtf this thing is. This theory however does make alot of sense.

What do you guys think?

the ending picture looks like a tumor 馃槀馃槀馃槀
One thing that was forgotten in this theory is that in the MV, Minhyuk drinks the rest of what was left of that flower juice, whatever it is, before he gets into the tub.... BUT, it makes a whole lot of sense!!! But WTF is that floating thing?! 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀 I keep thinking its some sort of time portal, but who knows?
mind blown about the eyes thing
@ChaErica whoa they've gotten farther than we did haha
wow~ this is a great theory!!! It makes complete sense too
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