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semi fluff

Enter At Your Own Pleasure (n///n)


Jackson X reader
special guest bts members Jimin, Suga
and got7 Mark tuan

Hi okay back again with another request
this is for @jessicaacosta90 Enjoy

Credit To The Owner Of Photo MySelf lol!

Need to catch up here the links to the rest of the parts.

Maybe it was stupid of me to ever think I could trust you again. I knew you'd break me again. I knew you'd leave me alone to suffer in pain again. yet I still gave you my heart to break once more; Though my heart may be broken, it still yearns desperately for you. why did I let you broke me so much? why did I believe in your lies again? to think I thought you'd fix my shattered heart when it was you who broke it to begin with.

Jackson pulled you from your arm.
"I'm sick and tired of you not listening to me!" He yells at you.

"Why should I huh so you can go and tell me another fucking lie!" You barked snatching your arm away.
"Why don't you believe me! I don't know who she is" Jackson said as he reaches over to grab your hand but you only move away from him

"I come here believing that maybe I could trust you again to think we could get back again just to find out You had someone else on the side" you mentioned as you snarled.

Jackson rake his hair and stomps his foot in frustration. "Can you just fucking listen for one in your fucking life" he hollers.

You huffed and rolled your eyes as you placed both your hands on your hips. Jackson started telling you that today was supposed to be a perfect date, he had everything placed out perfectly. It all started off great you went to ride a paddle boat and played just Dance at the arcade. Jackson pride was crush as you'd played better hops then him. But he gain it all back when  he dance expert on just Dance to BigBang fantastic Baby. Afterwards you two went to eat dinner you had a little chat about life and even reminisced about good Ole times. Everything was going just fine, until at the movies some girl runs up to Jackson and kiss him. Jackson pushes her away as she chuckled playful. She told him how much fun they had last night and how she could never forget the feeling. Your heart felt tight, Jackson swore he had no idea what she meant that he never meet this girl in his life. But she pulled out her phone and showed you both the text message she and Jackson sent each other. And they weren't pretty messages. It was Jackson name on the number and that was his cell number but yet still Jackson refused quickly repeatly saying it wasn't him. You shrugged your shoulders as you just turned and walked away Jackson chasing after you.

Jackson grabs you by your arm as you snatched it away warning him to not come near you. He plead you to let him explain but your heart was broken enough to bear to hear anything even worse. You ignored and continued on your way out of the movie theater. He grabs you again pulling you to face him. you snatched your arm way slapping him. but that didn't seem to bother him as he grab a hold of your hand.

"Can you just listen (Y/N) please" Jackson said.

"What Jackson, tell how are you going to lie your way out of this one" you said with a knot in the center of your throat.

"I swear I don't know who she is I don't know how she had my number and how she got those messages." Jackson tried to explain the situation that he had no idea even happen.

"Is that it is that all you have to say" you said with watery eyes.

"Why don't you believe me (Y/N)" Jackson whined.

"BECAUSE you've already lost my trust, so tell me HOW DO YOU EXPECT ME TO BELIEVE Anything you say!?" you cried out as you tried desperately to hold back your agonizing tears.

"I just want us to have a good day I just wanted to make you happy" said Jackson with a cracky tone of voice.

"You and me could never be happy" you bluntly said.

you turn your back on jackson and proceed walking, cuffing your mouth as you hitched a cry. God you felt so stupid and dumb for actually thinking he'd changed. To think you felt like maybe you could have gone all the way today. you wrapped your arms around yourself as it became unbearable painful on the center on your throat. you wanted all just to go back to before where you weren't ware of this feeling for Jackson where Jimin was just a friend of jackson. when everything was calming and stress free. when your heart wasn't breaking continuously.
Jackson walks back into the movie theater. His eyes filled with anger and hatred as he search for the girl who cause you to leave. Looking around annoyed and frustrated he grunts ruffling his hair aggressively. he couldnt seem to spot her out in crowd. jackson had grow tired of so many people butting into your guys relationship. all he wanted was to live a happy stress free and filled with joy and laughter life with you. But ever time things were finally starting off just fine, something had to come along and fuck shit up. Jackson knock over some display of BTS cardboard full body photos as Jackson became agitated and anxious. close to ginving up on his search he finally lays eyes on the girl and rush right over to her.

"Hey you, we need to talk" Jackson call out to her

"What?" The girl sass as she arched a brow and flipping her hair back.

"who sent you those message?" He interrogate

"You did, who else" she states

"Don't fucking play dumb with me because  I'm not in the fucking mood" Jackson slurs as he grab the girl by her shirt.

"Let me go this woman abuse" she exclaims with a act of fear and defenseless.

Jackson squint his eyes as he glare intensely at her. she chuckles and turn away. Jackson flared up with anger, for some reason this bitch remind him of suga mark and Jimin combined into one. he grabs her by her wrist and pulls her away from the crowd and into the back of the movie theater. slamming her back against the wall.

"don't play dumb with me I said! Now tell me who told you to do this" Jackson voice deepen as he cringed his teeth.

she shrugged, this made Jackson even more mad. Out of anger he punches the wall that was just a inch away from her face; she flinched. her eyes widen as Jackson eyes become cold and devil like; the look of a killer who had no problems killing his victim. she gulps as Jackson lean forward putting both hands on each side of her, trapping her. the blood on his fist dripping down onto her shoulder. Jackson tilts his head just a bit as he grins evilly.

"You either tell me his name or I swear to God I'll do something I swear to hell I won't regret doing" Jackson threatens as he grabs her by the neck, she starts to trembled in fear.

"now do I have to ask you again?"

"He told me I had too do it" she blurts out.

"who did?" Jackson questions

"I don't know his name but he sent me the message through your phone and told me to do it" she said her voice quivering.

"tell me his name" Jackson demands.

"I don't know it" she stutters

"Tell me his fucking name!" Jackson punches the wall again.

" JB!" she utters as she shut her eyes tightly.

Jackson steps away from her in dazed. He couldn't believe it, JB would never do such a thing to him. JB is like his best friend Jackson trust in him. but then again who can you trust now and says. the girl slips away and takes off running as Jackson head over to the dorm. kicking open the door making it slam against the wall and making a loud bang sound. Junior, Youngjae and Yugyeom jumped off their seats startled from the sudden bang. BamBam Walks over to Jackson who eyes burned with anger and frustration. his eyes searched the room for JB. BamBam tried to asked Jackson what was bugging him but Jackson only pushes bambam a side. As he made his way into the kitchen. Everyone could feel the negative vibe from Jackson. Finally finding JB in the kitchen, Jackson merchs over to him shoving JB into the kitchen counter and grabbing a hold of his wrist.

"Ay man what the hell Jackson" JB grunts.

"did you do it?" Jackson asked desperately and hopefully preying it wasn't true.

"What are you talking about man?" JB shoves jackson away from him, pilling his arm away from Jackson grip.

"did you send another girl to ruin my date with (Y/N)!" Jackson shout devastated.

"No Jackson I would never do such a thing to you " said JB.

JB noticed the tears streaming down Jackson face as he felt relieved to hear those words from JB mouth. still feeling a sharp stinging feeling in his chests Jackson looks down at the group hiding his face into his hands.

"What do I do..." Jackson sobs into his hands.

"she won't believe me...what do I do" Jackson clinch on JB shirt as he cries out for answers.

The rest of the member walk into the kitchen to see what was all the ruck. Junior notice jackson dropping to group as he cried into his knees ruffling his dirty blonde hair that was drenched in his own sweat. Youngjae run on over to jackson side as he tries to comfort him. BamBam and junior fallow along as they surround Jackson and whisper comforting advice. all the member tried to be a of a help to Jackson expect for Yugyeom who eyes seem nervous and suspicious and mark who had a dead yet joyful look in his eyes. Jackson went on to explaining on what actually happen and how he can't help want to cry and just start a fight with anybody in the street. jackson felt as if everything was ruined. he only had one chance and someone had ruined it for him. he doesn't understand what that person has against him. but Jackson swore to find out who it is and take his vengeance.

Jackson grunted in anger and depression as he walked into his room dropping down onto his bed and curling up. JB tried to calm Jackson down as he realized Jackson began to lack oxygen as his cry became harder. Jackson grasped desperately yet effortlessly for air. he wanted to die yet at the same time he fear the thoughthe of death.

"will I even be able to have a happy ending with her" Jackson cried, his eyes were the eyes of a lost puppy who whimpered for the warm embrace of his mother.

JB pulled him in as he hugged jackson tightly he'd didn't realize how much pain Jackson had been holding in all this time. Jackson was never the type to show his that he was sad or depressed. he work hard on give off that happy vibe to everyone, he didn't want to be a burden to other so he tried hard on keeping him content. But there were times that you could see throw that fake smile of jackson. But when Jackson had meet you was the time when Jackson smile became real and for once Jackson eyes smiled along with his smile of joy. JB hated seeing this happy-go-lucky guy so weak and lifeless. so depression and in pain.

the next day Mark meet up with suga, who has been keeping a very close eye on you for the past few days, like mark had told him too.

"finally what took you so long" Suga complains.

"I'm only a few minutes late" Mark response

"a few minutes is still late" Suga notice a boy behind mark

"da Fuq who he?"

"Suga this is Yugyeom our cute maknea who is really good at listen and keeping secrets right" Mark remarks with a cunning voice

"did he threaten you too" said suga, Yugyeom nods yes.

"just do as I told you and you won't have to worry got it" Mark instructed Yugyeom with a serious tone of voice.

Mark explained the plan to the both of them. Suga and Yugyeom sneaked into a party were you and your freinds were drinking. they all went to dance as you sat alone at the table. you continued to drink small sips of your drink you didn't want to get drunk today. you sighed heavily. you couldn't stop think about jackson and that girl. you wanted to believe him so bad but you couldn't ignore what you had just witness. you shake your head slowly then resting it on your arm that you had resting on the table. you really wanted to hear his joyful laugh and smoothing voice so bad you thought to yourself as you slowly close your eyes.

"Boo" Suga startled you as you accidentally slap him

"omo! I'm sorry why did you sneak up on me you know I hit when startled" you whined

"yep I totally had forgotten about that" Suga said rubbing his cheek with a piss off look.

"What are you doing here Yoongi?"

"i'm sorry who?" Suga playful sass you.

"Oh will geez Mr suga" you pout playful.

"Aish just suga" he rakes his fingers through his hair.

you chuckled as you playful nudge him, suddenly you felt tears falling down your cheek. you quickly turned you head and quickly wiped away your tears. Suga glanced over your pattie shoulder and notice the way you rubbed your eyes forcefully. Suga slide his cold soft hand under your chin, gentle guiding your head to turn and face him. he gently caressed his thump across your Rosie pink cheeks. your body stiffen as you stared at suga with a confused expression across your face. you where puzzled by his unexpected actions. from what you remember, Suga wasn't the type to treat others so gentle or kindly, he was rough, violent and quit deceivious. also He was awkward when it came to being smooth towards a girl. 'when did suga ever have skills like this?' you thought to yourself.

The moment suga had your complete attention Yugyeom quickly made his way over to your table. with you being unaware of his presence he slip something into your drink that quickly dissolved into your cup leaving no change of color and evidence behind. you mind still in a haze you grab your cup and chug down your drink as you shake your head and gentle smacking your cheeks. you had to snap out off it.

"(Y/N) you okay?" Suga ask you with a concern look.

"yeah I'm fine why" you sniffle

"Why did you cry then?"

"I wasn't cry....uh..." suddenly the room begins to tilt from side to side slowly as the room lighting dims.

"(Y/N)... are you okay" Suga voice deepens as he begins to become blurry.

his tone of voice sounding it's been put on slow motion. you try to mumble some words to suga as your vision darken slowly and your hearing becoming shallow and low. it almost felt like you were falling into a deep sleep. your eyelid became heavy and difficult to keep open your eyes complete closed shut. everything became pitch black but you cold still here a hollow and deep noise. with all the bit of strength you had left you force yourself to open your eyes were you see suga blurry face and a shadowy figure behind him.

"(Y/N) forgive me" you felt a warm drop of liquid fall into your cheek as your eyes shut and a flash of white lights fly by at hyper speed then boom...

and just like that there was nothing left.



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Omg this is insane!!!! This needs to be a kdrama now!
@jessicaacosta90 we will never get caught
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