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Not so long ago I shared some tips on maximizing the lifespan of your clothes and included a steamer hack to help you de-wrinkle your blouses. I realized not everyone owns an iron or steamer, so I'm sharing a few tricks I used to quickly fix clothing creases.

Use a straightener!

Not only is this little tool useful for bangs touch-up in the morning, it's also an awesome spot-treat tool for wrinkles on your shirt. Perfect solution for the collar, buttons, cuffs and hems. Please make sure your straightener is clean though.

Throw them in the dryer.

If your jacket or jeans are crumpled you can dampen a washrag and toss it into the dryer, with your clothes. Then allow it to tumble for 15 minutes on medium heat. This is like an instant steamer except the machine is doing all the work.

Use a hair dryer!

For casual dress, simply use a hair dryer to de-crease the fabric (such as rayons or knits). Make sure you don't touch the dress while drying it.

Hang it outside the shower.

Shower steam does amazing things and one of them is the ability to decrease your silk dress. Before you jump into the shower, keep the vent off and close the doors. This will allow your dress to steam itself with the shower heat.