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The idea behind these Damien Patrick tips is to taking your chest development serious enough that when you hit a plateau, you can compensate for this to see improvements.
1. Quality over Quantity -- Control the weights and the movement. This means going lighter for better form, rather than heavy and sloppy.
2. Develop the Top -- By bulking up the top of the chest, you can create an illusion that your chest is bigger than it really is. The trick is to perform more exercises on incline than simply flat.
3. More Dumbells -- Dumbells are superior in developing the chest because they're far more dynamic in creating symmetry.
4. Progression -- Making progress doesn't necessarily mean adding more and more weight. Metabolic stress includes super sets, drop sets, mechanical drop sets, slow negatives and the list goes on and on.
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Great tips!
I was always more inclined to use barbells over dumbells..but I guess I was wrong!
Thanks @UDskam