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Choosing The "Right" The Music Platform

As time goes on, the music sharing, streaming, and purchasing industry continues to grow and devleop. Now that vinyls, tapes, cds, and Mp3s have become obsolete for daily use streaming has become to go-to platform for listening to music. Instead of purchasing music by album or song we are now offered a chance to pay a monthly rate for unlimited music. Streaming music requires internet access unless your platform has offline settings. Here I will weigh the pros and cons of each music streaming application to best help you decide which is the best for you.
Apple Music provides users with the opportunity to join their music streaming service to their existing ITunes library, a feature that is unique to Apple Music. In addition you have access many online radio stations and playlists from respected artists in the industry. The price of Apple Music is also $10 which is comparable to all the other platforms. Lastly, a bonus of this platform is that it frequently gets albums and music before it is released on other streaming apps.
Spotify operates with two different streaming options; one for free and another for $10. The difference between the two is that the free version includes ads and you can only shuffle through playlist and albums rather than having the option of individually selecting songs. Spotify also allows you to easily connect with your friends and see what they are playing as well as stream playlists they have made. The downfall of Spotify is that if often does not include music from small artists but only includes those with commercial releases.
Many music streamers are initially turned off to Tidal because they are the new kid on the block. While they are a new service they are a serious contender. Tidal brings the highest quality of music to its streamers in comparison to the others. In addition they frequently have special releases and music specific to their platform from artists such as Kanye West and Beyonce. They have two version of Tidal for 10$ and 20$, both including offline streaming service.
Soundcloud has the biggest music library out of all of the platforms because any artists can upload to their library whether they have 2 fans of 20,000 fans. The free versions allows you access to all music except music from highly touted commercial artists. However the new premium version called Soundcloud Go for 10$ provides users with commercial releases in addition to the large database of small artists. Soundcloud Go provides offline streaming ability. Both versions include stations based on genres and a recommended music stations to best align music with your tastes and preferences.
Hope this can help you make a decision. Each platform has positives and negatives but until one surpasses the others as the undeniable best option, you'll have to choose what your willing to sacrifice for your music listening!
Laurence Hicks
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