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Does anyone else think that the commonly agreed upon love advice is actually kind of stupid? It's kind of lame that we live in a world right now where you can't text them right away or wear too much (or too little!) make-up or a number of other ridiculous ideas that became somewhat standard in the dating scene these days.

What's the dumbest advice you've ever heard about dating?

I remember when I was in high school, I bought Paris Hilton's memoir (Don't bother. I know.), and she mentioned something about how it's important for a girl to always have a guy that's waiting on the sidelines just in case this current one doesn't work out. At what point is that just cursing the relationship you're trying to build?

Moral of the story: Paris Hilton should never be a love therapist.

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@danidee yes and the both of you tend to talk and know more about each other.
@nicocoup Ooooh wait, I understand what you meant. I had to read it twice hahaha.
@HandsomeBacon Bahahah I didn't even notice!
@danidee that's what makes you..it beautiful lol I hate that song
I was told never let man know you like him... at least not immediately. I say let him know, it either works out or it doesn't