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Very few things coming in a size no bigger than your palm are able to bring you as much joy as a taco does. This very simple, multi-faceted dish comes in many different forms that are appreciated. From corn to flour tortillas, red or green salsa, carne asada, adobada, or poke. It seems every city is being filled with prime taco restaurants from authentic neighborhood favorites to innovative takes on the traditional dish. At the bottom of this card post your favorite taco spots in your city. With the abundance of taco restaurants in each city one thing is for sure, Tacos make the world goes 'round.
Laurence Hicks
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@danidee a loaded steak burrito covered in cheese sauce
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Rodeo has great tacos here but I haven't been to many tacos specialty restaurants since there aren't many. But rodeo has great food!!!
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El Gallo Tapat铆o in IL. 馃憤
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We go to a little fresh food place where I live and they gave the best Tacos ever! The place is called Filler r' Up. They have awesome coffee too!
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