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my mom burned all my shonen jumps when I was younger and hated that I liked what I liked. I'm much older now and still like what I like. nothing will change that. no matter how many time she says "aren't you too old for that crap." I think she slowly is figuring out that other people are the same way. she found out that people she works with (she works in a hospital) are the same way and even though their geeks we can also seen like normal people and live normal lives. :)
@LeshelleHoward wow makes sense thanks for taking the time to write that =`]
@Ritu Okay let's just pretend for sec we can't make anime and video games as our normal lifestyle. Your parents want you to live a "normal life" and get out of your childish ways. They want you to be something that you're not. So if we do have a choice to choose what type of we want to be in, would you choose the anime world or the "normal world"
@Ritu Hey not ignoring your comment. Just trying to find a way to explain it please be patient with me
omg this so me lol馃槀馃槀馃槀
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