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You looked down at your paper. Only five more questions left then you could leave this hell hole until tomorrow. You gripped your pencil tighter and looked at the question once more. Why didn't you try to study? Well in all fairness you did try to study, it's just that someone decided to be a pain in the a** and not let you concentrate at all. Literally a pain in the a**. You read the question again. You thought you were going to fail. A mammel is what sort of type? A. 1 type B. 2 type C. 3 type You let your head fall into the desk. Who knew you would have to memorize this? Circling a random letter you moved to the last one which were fairly easy. You stood up and took the paper to the front of the classroom, you then grabbed your stuff from your desk and went to your locker. You stuffed all you could into your backpack and slung it over your arm. You let out a exhausted breath and took your phone out of your jacket pocket. One new message. From: Oppa❤ When are you going to get done? You smile and answer him back telling him you just got done. Your phone buzzed as you started to walk down the hallway. From: Oppa❤ Stay there! I'm coming to get you~ As you shook your head you walked to the front of the school. Well at least the day would get better with him by your side. You saw a black jeep drive up with Junmyeon in the driver seat. Since when did he have this car? You opened the back door and put your bag there while you sat next to Junmyeon. "Oppa, when did you get this car?" "Today. Like it?" "It looks nice" "Not as nice as you" You blush "Oppa~ Stop~" "Wae? You look so cute jagi" You covered your face with your hands and did a little squeal. Junmyeon looked over at you and raised his brow at you. You felt the warmth on your hands from your cheeks. You knew that the tips of your ears are turning red also. "Oppa, don't stare" You whisper "Can't help but look at you. Your beautiful you know that right?" You nod "You tell me everyday" "And I remind you because I love you" Junmyeon smiles at you and grabs one of your hands away from your face so he could hold onto yours. You let the other fall. "I love you too Oppa" You say with a sweet smile. Junmyeon raises your hand and kisses it. "Oh I know (Y/N), Oh I know" *end*