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Hey guys!

So big news was brought up! YG Entertainment has confirmed that they will be debuting a new girl group this July! Now this is BIG news because despite having debuted iKON and WINNER in 2015 and 2014 this will be the first girl group YG will be debuting since 2NE1 (almost 7 years ago) A YG representative said: “The member lineup was decided a long time ago. The fact that Yang Hyun Suk is preparing the music video means that their debut song has already been recorded. But the specific date in July has not been revealed yet.” The member lineup has yet to be announced though there are certain speculations as to who may debut. Along with this YG plans to make this girl group more "focused on members whose beauty will exceed the public’s expectations.” It is said that their debut song has already been recorded and they're in the process of filming their mv!

What do you guys think? Could this be the next girl group to shake the kpop world??? Are you guys excited to see who debuts and what they sound like? Let us know in the comments!!

I feel like 2014,2015, and 2016 are JYP and YG best year because of the new groups that have debuted!!! I'm so excited!!😆😍😂
@bloom199933 @Melz064 @nelykpoper @JustinaNguyen @SkyRollins @cindystran I will keep you guys posted on any news!! I can't wait either! (Stef💕)
I remember YG posting a video titled something like "the next 2nei" or something like that on YouTube a couple of years ago. I wonder if any of those girls will be in the lineup. I'm excited to see how this turns out.
I have conflicting feelings... On one side I am very excited, & of course its going to shake the kpop industry. YG has said that he always focuses on talent rather than looks but he always spends time perfecting their talents so I know that they will be beautiful&Talented. Second, they prob. wont debut in July... But I am excited to see what this group bring to the table... BUT... where the 2NE1 comeback at!! ^-^~
@SeventeenBias I love sua!!!
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