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So today I was in class and outta nowhere my friend that is also a kpop fan said "You have the VKOOK elephant of ur face". I was doing my math work so in was kinda confused at first cuz my brain was stuffed with formulas. After my brain was loading, I finally understood. I have a lot of moles/beauty marks on the right side I my face. Yes those last 2 pictures are my elephant on my cheek and my fingers.
Oooh those last two photos are your face xD I thought it was V's arm I was like "Where is that hair coming from? V has an awful lot of hair on his shoulder" 😂
OMO I FOUND ONE ON MY ARM!! KOGGIRI!! 코끼리 (Elephant) Mine on the Left Taehyung on the Right xD
@janellym123 lol that is my face . That hair is my baby hairs. lmao XD
I found one on my arm!