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This person called the wizards of Hogwartz American and the wizards of Fiore Japanese XD BUT ANYWHO WHO DO YOU CHOOSE? Truthfully it's hard to say for me but I bet I know what answer you will pick ;3
Fairy Tail Man!!! they would Destroy!!!
well they both got great things Hogwarts you learn every type of magic and if you can master it you are a strong wizard that not much can stop but fairy tail also has strong wizards in that they master one type of magic that's might be stronger but less versatile so its a fight on strength and versatility so I think it depends who fights who like say Dumbledore and the guild master (can't remember his name) I think Dumbledore just cause they are both strong but Dumbledore could counter most anything he can throw at him but Harry or natsu natsu Harry is strong but I do think natsu would over power him so it all depends on the characters and who fights who
actually they r from england not america
OK if anyone says Harry Potter get ready to shit when you see me and Natsu
i love harry potter 馃槏 but i feel like they would s**t themselves if they saw them.
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