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Once Irvin comes back from his four-game suspension, he is expected to take over strong side linebacker duties. Pete Carrol has praised Irvin for being versatile and believes that the switch will allow him to better use his abilities. Irvin will still play end sometimes in nickel packages. The Seahawks pass rush is looking formidable with Clemons, Avril, Bennett and Irvin all rushing the QB. Look for this defense to have another year as the #1 defense. Click the side-arrow to see a clip of him sacking Aaron Rodgers.
@johnlee hahaha he apparently teamed up with Ubisoft and created an homage dance for his high school, Desoto High School. Genius right? lol
@goyo lol... wthell is the desoto shuffle? I just saw a video of it but where did he get that from? haha
@johnlee dude i love that guy, but more importantly love the "Desoto Shuffle" lol
I don't think the Seahawks will be doing much on offense this season
@Goyo Yeah he is getting a lot of praise from his coaching staff. Coach Carrol said that he is a carbon copy of Von Miller.
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