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I always have huge purses. This is a horrible idea because I feel like maybe I only ever really need about 20% of whatever I've got in there at once.
What I've got in my purse right now:
- Wallet (of course)
- Cellphone charger
- External phone battery
- Three language-studying books
- A laptop + charger
- Make-up bag
- Sketchbook
- Pencil case full of pencils, pens, and sketching markers
- Dry shampoo
- Teasing comb

Fellow bag owners of Vingle, what do you have in YOUR bag?

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lol let's do it @YumiMiyazaki
An attack on titan wallet a sword art online pen tissues a phone charger cherry blossom chap stick and the zipper my crush gave to me
I have more than that haha sometimes I carry a hair spray and of friend of mine a blow dryer hahaha
Lol why so many phone chargers? my fully charged phone last a day and half so I never have clunky charger in my purse
The usual: Hairspray brush 6 lipsticks scissors sunglasses 2eyeshadow 5 Eyeliners sunglasses keys....but I forgot my wallet with all forms of Identification or payment!