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I always have huge purses. This is a horrible idea because I feel like maybe I only ever really need about 20% of whatever I've got in there at once.
What I've got in my purse right now:
- Wallet (of course)
- Cellphone charger
- External phone battery
- Three language-studying books
- A laptop + charger
- Make-up bag
- Sketchbook
- Pencil case full of pencils, pens, and sketching markers
- Dry shampoo
- Teasing comb

Fellow bag owners of Vingle, what do you have in YOUR bag?

the universe is in my wife's bag
@YumiMiyazaki get a bigger panda..
in my handbags, there is; pen with lazer pointer and light function, aromatherapy roll on, eyes drop (I'm wearing contact lenses), lenses case, Hansaplast bandage, lipstick, compact powder, power bank, tissues paper, mini Swiss knife. if I had to travel, there will be universe in my handbags too. lol @HandsomeBacon
lol dang... you got a bowling ball too?? @YumiMiyazaki jk
It depends on which bag I'm using because in my big purses I have a small make up collab, 2 chargers, a sketch book, a small note book for my stories (that I never finish) and thoughts, a hair brush, extra hair ties, my wallet, my keys, my phone, lots of snacks, and my Ipod...but in my small purses I have chapstick, lip stick, a phone charger, mini hair brush, extra hair ties, 1 or 2 snacks, and a mirror...I also have a really shall first aid kit in both types of purses because I get hurt a lot!
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