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ESPN reported today that no one is really sure if Gronkowski will play Week 1 or when at all. Those of you drafting Gronkowski need to know that you are taking a major risk especially since he is most likely going in the 3rd or 4th round. Yes, if he indeed comes back and plays all season then he will be the steal of the year. It is looking more likely every week however that he will miss a few weeks. The Pats should be very cautious with him, especially since they are lacking receiving weapons. Posted a highlight video of him. Click the side arrows!
Yeah, I guess I usually play in pretty conservative leagues
@curtisb I highly doubt that he would drop to the 5th... I feel like he has just too much upside to go that low. But hey I guess people could be REALLY scared of his injury. All it takes is one person to believe its worth it for him to go early...
I'd say pick for sure in the 5th. 4th depending on where you are in the order
@Goyo Yeah definitely. If he stays healthy he is without a doubt the #1 TE. The big question though is if he can avoid injury. I think he's had like 4 surgeries already in his young career.
He could be a real steal if he comes back healthy with Hernandez and Welker gone