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As I've mentioned before, my bff from high school is graduating college this weekend!

I was planning to go be there for the ceremony, but life got in the way and I had to cancel my plans.

We've got the LD BFF relationship down to an art form and we TOTALLY get these:

1. That feeling when you see them after a long time apart.

2. When you have a limited time together and expect each other to drop EVERYTHING

3. When you get up-to-date with your lives then move onto the important stuff.

4. When you're ready to hop a flight and back them up whenever you hear drama starting.

5. Regardless of time zones, you text them constantly.

6. When you have more inside jokes than regular jokes.

7. As much as you hate it, you're a little bummed when you see them post photos with their new friends.

8. People’s stories about drifting apart from their ex-LDBFF, as though it’s going to happen to you too, ignites a particular degree of rage.

9. You have absolutely no barriers when it comes to expressing your unwavering longing for them.

So holler if you have a BFF you miss too!

@SimplySam12 this is us. (Ps, you need to move to Florida yesterday.)
I have a BFF that is going away next week.. to LA.. I won't see here for sooo long... I'm going to miss her harder than I already do miss her. we had so many plans with our friendship! but she's going somewhere to be happy and I want that for her. I'm just not ready for her to leave so early! I cried about this, this morning.. I just hope I'm ready for her to go by the end of the week. chances are though, I won't be..
I also have one and its so hard not to be able to actually see her everyday. I miss her.
I do have one and I miss her soo much
I still talk to my college friends over the internet....and it's been...umm....years
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