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Welcome to the Funny Community's Interview Game!

We see each other a lot in comments, and we have some great conversation, but how well do we KNOW our fellow Vinglers?
Well, here's a chance to interview them - and share a little information about yourself!

Here's how to play:

1. I will post a question for the next person to answer.
2. The person who answers my question must ask a question for the next person who comments. ("What's your favorite song?", "Have you ever traveled to Europe?", etc.)
3. The question-answer chain keeps going!

If you're confused, here's an example below:

Let's see how long we can keep the Q&A chain going!

Question for the first commenter: What's your relationship dealbreaker?

@LadyLuna the early 1700's..I wanna be a pirate if you were a superhero.. what would your name be
@HandsomeBacon intellectual!! What year or era do you wish you were born into?
@BeannachtOraibh hot tea what do you love most about yourself
with my teeth :p @BeannachtOraibh what's the most spontaneous thing you've done
@BeannachtOraibh I would always forgive them what would you do for a Klondike bar
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