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Most anime characters hate school if you actually were paying attention. Just sayin
like in school days. hell no. in the beginning it might be worth it but in the end someone is gonna die.
@Flare4522 for real!
@SimplyAwkward Like Deadman Wonderland, or Another? Yeah...fun times..
put it this way, anime makes few points when it comes to topics like this. but you must understand the bigger picture here. Anime is "parody of life". we laugh every time the boy gets smacked by the girl for being a baka, we cry from the inevitable break up of two people we thought were so good together and we'll be in shock when the hero/heroine does something amazing or unexpected. That's what makes anime so great. But with all its exuberant moments, anime life does not reflect well in the real world. Now to be fair, you might get what some would call "an anime moment" where something outlandish happens that would only happen in anime that normally wouldn't happen in real life. Those moments might be the highlight of your school life. My best advice, if you can't have a school like there is in your favorite anime, then try picturing your life as an anime. chances are it will be less exciting and duller than what you'd want but in this world, it's a matter of take what you can get. Hope this is helpful to you.