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Okay, I'm kidding around, but only slightly.

I am 100% certain that if he was given the choice between hanging out with these people or me, he'd hesitate...

Conan O'Brien

He has literally murmured "coooo...nnnaaan" in his sleep before. He has made me watch every Conan skit ever and now thinks its okay to make Irish jokes about me because Conan makes Irish jokes.

Gordon Ramsay

Remember that time I said I was cranky cause my boyfriend slept in late recently? CAUSE HE WAS UP UNTIL 3AM WATCHING HELLS KITCHEN. He's OBSESSED. Now, whenever he's mad at something he'll just scream "IT'S FOOKING RAW. ITS STILL MOVING." He practices his Gordon impression all the time.

My Dog

My mom made an Instagram and posted a picture of my dog. When my boyfriend found out about this, he immediately made an Instagram and followed my mom...but not me!!! I suspect he is only dating me for visitation rights. He is really here for my dog. Like mid-sentence he'll scream I MISS PUMPKIN.

Does anyone else have this with their partners?

Any celeb or animal obsession lol???

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It was his stereo, his truck, his motorcycle, Jesse James, the whole cast of Deadliest Catch, Mike Rowe, John Oliver, and Craig Ferguson.
One of my exes would come over, find my cat (that hated him) and just lay next to her and tried to cuddle her no matter how much she tried to kill him. He definitely liked my cat better because I then had to use food to get him away from my cat. Then he'd go find my dog... 馃槖
One of my exes loves Andy Beirsack (sorry if I spell it wrong :/) more than he loved me.
I love Conan O'Brien more than I have loved anyone as well. Good choice!! Hahha
And Gordon Ramsay!!!