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Anyway, let's get to my topic this moment. I just wanna share how I've known that I have Trypophobia or Fear of holes/clustered holes. This gave me alot of goosebumps and even became nauseous and I definitely regret running into that page of yt.
IT ALL STARTED FROM WATCHING COMEDONE EXTRACTION AND WHITEHEADS REMOVAL I'm watching some whiteheads removal from youtube. and why am I watching those gross videos? It's because it gives me a total relief when the whiteheads are removed from the face weird isn't it?
so I clicked onto a video about Botfly Removal and after that I've seen a video about Trypophobia? i'm like "what's trypophobia? " and out of that shitty thing they called "curiosity" I clicked onto that video. I've seen several photos similar to this one
Photo credits to EstiDraws via Twitter Yes and it freaked the hell out of me! I feel like there's gonna be worms to crawl out of those holes and my head itches and now I'm currently overcoming my trypophobia... ps. I just peeked at the photo above, i dont wanna see it anymore another Ps. To those who know some people who have trypophobia, I'm telling you THE STRUGGLE IS REAL! photos were from twitter. (Ctto)
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LMAO I feel like that's Halloween makeup though!
yes that's actually a Halloween makeup ๐Ÿ˜‚ @danidee
I would FREAK OUT if that was a real thing that could happen. D:
actually that could happen @danidee i've watched a video of removing LOTS of Botflies from a monkey's body. it's totally gross there's large holes in his body and it seems like those botflies already filled up his whole body.
one word GROSS!!!