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3 Covers You NEED on Your Summer Playlist

It's heating up in my neck of the woods which means I have to get my act together and re-vamp my summer playlist!

Here are three covers that are perfect for relaxing in the summer heat and daydreaming the months away...


KIHYUN & I.M (Monsta X) - 이대로도 예뻐

This is the song that may or may not have wrecked my Monsta X bias list. Kihyun will win your heart with this adorable song that tells you you're beautiful just the way you are.

러비(Lovey)&엑시(EXY) - 취향저격(iKON)

These girls have the purest, sweetest voices and you'll feel instantly calmer listening to this already awesome track.

Rap Monster & Jungkook - Fools

What is a list of covers without Jungook on it? This is perfect for late summer nights when you're lost in though.

Who else is working on their summer playlist?

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The fools cover is Sooo good!!!
a year ago·Reply
Out of these three, I love RapMon and JungKook cover of The Fools the most.♥ But then the song IM and Kihyun did was also cute and they are cute too.♥ The girls were nice too.
a year ago·Reply
Will be getting fools
a year ago·Reply
My summer playlist is going to be DAY6's 1st and 2nd album 💫❤️
a year ago·Reply
I haven't heard the first two songs before but I love Rap Monster's and Jungkook's cover of Fools!! So good!!
a year ago·Reply