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so I just gave myself 3 milliliters of Dexabion, it is a corticosteroid and the doctor says it's supposed to help me with my back pain... " degenerative arthritis lumbar contusion and spinal stenosis" ( by the way I turned 31 at the end of month...FML, it's like I'm already old.) one injection a day for the next 5 days. So anyone out there care to share their interesting medical tidbits?
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Duuude, I'm 30 and have arthritis too, and they had me on prednisone instead of injections, but oh man, those were the worst side effects of all time, and I remember I had to go to the ER once because my heart was freaking out on me. I guess corticosteroid can deplete your potassium levels to a point where your heartbeat gets super irregular. Once they gave me a potassium supplement (the size of a horse pill, might I add), I was fine though. I just made sure to eat more potassium-rich foods while I was continuing to use it.