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Hey guys! OMG guess what!?!? Park Jae Jung has released a music video for his song "Two Men" featuring Kyuhyun. Though Kyuhyun doesn't appear in the video, you can hear his voice beautifully assist Jae Jung throughout the song. For those of you who don't know who Jae Jung is, he won Mnet's audition show "Superstar K5" at the age of 19! After winning, while completely surprised and in tears he said, "Honestly, I thought I really had no right. I made a mistake in the lyrics, but I will learn more and return." Through the show, he won a check of 500 million won (about $470,000 USD).
The first video is Jae Jung and Kyuhyuns duet. The other videos are some clips from Superstar K5. Hope you guys enjoy!
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I literally got chill bumps with the duet (sigh).