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Hello everyone! (for real please read) Barely made it in time, as usual. So if I had to pick a favorite character I am always stuck between Akashi and Kuroko...but Akashi mostly in the lead. So I realized I hate drawing jerseys lol after Kise's school logo being straight up Japanese and stuff I was like "I don't want to do this anymore". And you'll hear me rage when I post the other ones. »»»Anyway please comment about who you'd like to see drawn as the 8th character. I feel disappointed that I have to beg so much considering people would kill for me to draw for them. What is going on? My one rule is that it has to be a minor character from the Kuroko no Basuke series...that's all!««« Kuroko no Basuke: Akashi Seijuro Kuroko's Basketball ; The Basketball which Kuroko Plays ; Kuroko no basket ; sports anime
@SimplyAwkward ooh that's a good one to but I still say Momoi
@SimplyAwkward oh lol that's be a challenge I'm willing to accept (never drawn animals before) we'll see 😊
@SimplyAwkward I looked her up and it says she is a minor character
@JessicaFerrier that is true, I mean she is a force to be reckon with but they see her as a cute side kick
@SimplyAwkward plus she doesn't get much love
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