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With your hand clasped tightly around the brown paper bag, you walk through the sliding doors and into the BigHit building. Nodding politely at the guard at the desk, you flash your visitor’s badge and make your way to the elevator’s. With your back pressed to the railing perched on the wall, you hum quietly to yourself as you wait for it to reach the floor you need. It was late, almost one in the morning, and you knew that your boyfriend hadn’t eaten anything since earlier in the day, so you opted to pack him a few things to nibble on, worried that he’s overworking himself. Once the elevator reaches it’s destination, you quickly step out and walk to the last door on the right. Peering through the tiny window, you spot Hoseok sweeping across the floor, music vibrating from inside. He had been working hard recently, trying to come up with a new choreography that was just right. He was rarely home, the dancer seemingly pushing himself further and further just so he can come up with something so precise and damn near perfect. He was stressed, you knew that all too well, and you were here to – hopefully – help take some of that stress away. Pushing the door open, you can feel the music pump in your chest as it blares in your ears, your eyes still glued to Hoseok’s form as he glides across the floor. From where he was he could see you in the reflection of the mirror, a bright smile forming on the dancer’s face as he spins around to look at you. “Hi, princess!” He shouts, his voice faint over the volume of the music. Going over to the stereo he presses pause, the studio silencing immediately. “What’s in the bag?” Grinning you walk to where he stood and held it out for him to take, which he graciously did. “I figured you’d be hungry after a long day,” you reply sheepishly, a blush forming on your cheeks. Hoseok grins, an arm reaching out to wrap around your waist and pull you into him, which inwardly makes you whine. “Hobi, you’re sweaty!” Hoseok laughs at that, his cheek pressing against yours as he hugs you tightly. “You’ve never cared about it before,” a smirk forms on his lips then, his mouth placing itself next to your ear. “Especially when I’m sweaty and on top of you.” Scoffing, you push him away as he laughs out loud, his fingers digging into the bag to pull the food out. He hums appreciatively, muttering a small ‘yes’ under his breath as he shoves the food into his mouth. You watch him eat, concern flashing over your features when you notice the obvious signs of fatigue under his eyes. Looping your arms around his, you lean your head against his shoulder and look up at him. “Hobi,” you say quietly, and his head snaps to look at you. “You should come home. You need rest.” Hoseok shakes his head, sliding the remnants of the food back into the bag as he gently pulls you off of him and walks over to the stereo. “I can’t, beautiful. I still have a lot to work on.” Pressing play, a sultry, slow beat flows through the speakers and he shoots you a grin as he walks to the center of the room. “Take a seat, babe. Watch me dance.” Pursing your lips, you reluctantly drag your feet across the wooden floors and plop down onto the sofa resting against the wall. Your eyes are trained on Hoseok’s form, watching every step and move he makes. His shoulders roll back, his body following, and you bite your lip as you watch him swivel his hips to the beat of the song. The beat gets seemingly dirtier, the words finally registering in your mind, and you watch as Hoseok sinks to the ground. With his palms flat on the wood paneling, he grinds down onto the floor and you suck in a breath, eyes glued to him as he rolls his hips into the ground. Images flash before your eyes and you suddenly wish that you were beneath him, feeling his hips roll into yours and his lips on your skin. Heat travels to your core and you have to clench your thighs together, trying to create some friction so that the feeling would go away. But then the music stops and another slow, sultry beat flows through the speakers and Hoseok’s staring at you. Your eyes meet his, another breath escaping you as you watch him raise his hand, a single finger beckoning you to come to him. Pressing your lips together you stand up and walk over to him, his hands finding purchase on your hips as he moves to stand behind you. “Dance with me, baby,” he whispers in your ear, his breath hitting your neck and making goosebumps flare up on your skin. Your eyes close as you relish in the feeling of his hands on you, your head falling back to rest on his shoulder as the two of you sway to the beat. Soft kisses are being placed on your neck as the chorus hits, Hoseok’s hands gripping yours now as he spins you around and presses your chest flush against his. His nose is nuzzling yours as he walks the two of you backwards, your back hitting the mirror just as his hips roll into yours, completely synchronized with the beat of the song. Placing your arms above your head he’s got you completely pinned to the mirrored surface, his lips hovering over yours as he grinds into you once more, drawing a moan to emit from you. “Hoseok,” you breath out, and he smirks. “You think I didn’t notice you, baby?” His voice is teasing, his tongue darting out to run across the seam of your lips before he’s biting down on your lower lip, a whimper falling from you as you arch into him. “How am I supposed to focus on dancing when I see you all hot and bothered?” He doesn’t wait for you to reply, instead he’s leaning down and capturing your lips with his in a hot haste, his hands dropping yours so he can grip your thighs. Lifting you up he presses you back into the mirror just as you wrap your legs around his waist, his mouth completely enveloping yours as you kiss hotly. Ragged breaths are emitting from the two of you as your tongues delve into one another, Hoseok’s hands running all over your body as you tangle your fingers in his locks and pull harshly, a groan slipping from his throat as he pulls back to breathe. Panting hard with your eyes locked on each other, it doesn’t take long until he’s surging towards you once again and attaching his lips to your neck, sucking harshly at your skin with a vengeance. Your head is tilted back and pressed against the mirror, another song beginning to flow through the speakers just as Hoseok’s hand slips past the hem of your leggings to cup your clothed core. “You’re soaked, baby,” he hums. “Is this all for me?” Gritting your teeth, you tug harshly at his hair to draw him back from your neck so he can look at you. “What do you think?” You spit out harshly, earning a pinch on your thigh in retort. “One roll of your hips and I’m willing to throw my fucking panties at you.” Hoseok chuckles at that, nimble fingers plucking at the material of your leggings as he pulls them down your legs. Tossing the fabric to the side, he presses his hard length against your core, the fabric of his pants against your panties drawing a moan from you as you grind into him to create more friction. “I have that much of an affect on you?” His question is rhetoric, as he already knows the answer. Slowly he lets your legs unwind from around his hips and he watches as you place your feet onto the ground, his fingers grasping on the hem of your panties as he licks his lips. “Can I taste you, baby?” You almost mewl at his words, your head nodding much too eagerly as he all but rips your underwear off of you, tossing the useless clothing to the side. The warm air hits your now bare core and you feel like you’re suffering, your body wanting nothing more than to feel something of Hoseok on you. You expected him to dive right in, his mouth all over you, but instead you feel yourself being turned around and having your chest pressed up against the mirrored wall. You can feel Hoseok behind you, hands parting your thighs as your pussy is revealed to him, the dancer licking his lips in anticipation as he peeks at you from behind your body. “I want you to watch me, baby,” he says huskily, eyeing you from below. “I want you to watch me eat your sweet little pussy.” And with that he dives in, tongue and mouth licking and sucking harshly on your dripping core, your body visibly shaking with relief as you feel the tension leave your body. This is what you wanted – to feel Hoseok on your body, giving you the sweetest pleasure you’ve ever felt before in your life. “Fuck, Hobi –” Your hands are pressed up against the mirror, your head thrown back as you feel his tongue delve between your folds, flicking and flattening against your core and drawing the sweetest moans from you. Your eyes are squeezed shut as you roll your hips back into him, inadvertently creating more friction and seamlessly riding his face. Just as you start to feel your muscles clench and tighten around his tongue, he pulls away from you and there’s a smacking sound ringing in the air as his palm collides against your bare ass. “I thought I told you to watch me, princess,” he tuts, standing up straight. You whine, thrusting your hips back towards him as you press against him. “No, I’m sorry,” your voice is shaky, your body still trembling from being on the brink of your release, and Hoseok merely shakes his head. Gripping the hem of your shirt he’s hauling it up and over your head before tossing it to the side, your bra following soon after. “You should learn to listen to me, sweetheart.” It seemed as if you had only closed your eyes to blink when you realized that Hoseok was now naked as well, his hands grasping your hips roughly as he pulls you back into him. “I guess you’ll have to learn the hard way.” His hands on your skin feels like fire, your entire body heating up into flames as he rocks you back into him, your core rubbing against his cock and sending you into a frenzy, a needy whimper escaping your lips as you rock back into him. A coy smile plays on the dancer’s lips as he leans down to press his mouth against your ear. “You want my cock?” He asks, and you’re pretty much sobbing with want as he chuckles lowly. “Beg for it, princess.” You open your mouth to speak but no words come out, instead you’re shamelessly moaning as you feel his cock press against you, teasingly sliding against your folds as Hoseok chokes out a laugh at your state. Twisting his fingers in your hair he makeshifts a ponytail as he tugs your head back, looking at you expectantly. Your fingers claw at the glass of the mirror as you finally sob out a response. “Please!” Your voice is shrill with want, body trembling, aching to feel all of him. “Please fuck me, Hoseok. Let me feel your cock, let me feel all of you inside of me. Please, fuck me until I can’t see straight!” Growling at your words he’s bucking his hips forward, his cock finally sinking between your folds, shameless moans and grunts escaping from both of you as he rocks into you. You’re sobbing in pleasure, your core clenching around him as the sound of skin meeting skin echoes around the room. The music from before had finally stopped, the only sounds coming from you moaning and mewling Hoseok’s name, which to him sounds so much better than any song he’s ever heard. He’s tugging at your locks as he drills into you, his hips relentlessly hitting yours as he mouths at your neck. “Look in the mirror, princess,” he commands, teething at your flesh. “Watch me fuck you until you’re seeing stars.” Shakily you’re raising your head, your eyes falling onto the reflection of the two of you in the mirror. You watch as Hoseok’s hips pound into you, your bodies coming together as one with every thrust of his hips. The sight in front of you makes heat pool inside of your body, jaw slack as you watch his cock disappear inside of you with every thrust. It’s hot, it’s filthy, and it feels so god damn good that you’re all but screaming his name into the empty studio. From behind you, you can see him smirk against your neck, lips still on your flesh as he pounds into you. Blunt nails are digging into the skin of your hips, one arm coming around you so he can press his finger against your clit, your hips simultaneously bucking into his touch as you cry out his name. “Hoseok!” Your release washes over you embarrassingly fast, hips rolling back into him as you ride out your high. Hoseok is still drilling into you as you’re still coming down, his own release raking his body as he growls into your ear, his teeth sinking into your shoulder as he comes. His hips are rolling into yours, nails digging into the flesh of your hips, and your name is falling from his lips as he sloppily thrusts into you. Your body is in overdrive, your thighs shaking from the outcome of your release, and the two of you slowly disconnect from one another only to fall in a heap of sweat as you two cling to each other. Your foreheads are pressed together, ragged breaths escaping you both as you struggle to catch your breath. A blissful grin forms on Hoseok’s lips as he lets out a laugh of happiness. “That was fucking hot,” he chides, cradling your face in his hands as he kisses you softly. “I didn’t take it too far, did I?” “God no!” You laugh, completely breathless and basking in the afterglow of what the two of you had just done. “That was the hottest thing I’ve ever experienced.” Quiet giggles escape the two of you as you lean in to kiss him again, his arm wrapping around your naked body as he pulls you closer. “I love you,” he murmurs, lips still pressed to yours as you smile brightly, kissing him once more. “I love you too, baby.” The shrill sound of a phone ringing breaks the two of you apart, both you and Hoseok scrambling to your feet; him because he needed to answer his phone, and you because you weren’t lounging around the practice room naked while someone can walk in at any minute. “Hello?” Hoseok answers, a smile still etched on his face as he puts his phone of speaker and pulls you into him once you’re redressed. “You know,” the voice of Yoongi chimes from the other line, “you should really make sure that there’s no one around before you two fuck in public.” Your eyes widen at his words and you feel the blood rush to your cheeks in embarrassment as you bury your face in Hoseok’s shoulder. “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” your boyfriend replies, cooly. “I was simply showing (Y/N) a new dance routine I had in mind.” Yoongi scoffs, and you can already see the scowl on the older’s face as he speaks. “And does this new routine include the words 'Oh! Fuck me, Hoseok! Fuck me 'til I’m seeing stars!” A groan escapes from you as Hoseok laughs loudly and shamelessly, his arm tightening around you as he kisses your neck. “Don’t be jealous, hyung. You’ll find someone you can fuck hard and fast one day.” “Fuck you.” The sound of beeping signals that Yoongi hung up and Hoseok laughs happily as he leans in to kiss you softly, humming quietly against your lips. “You hungry baby?” He asks, quirking an eyebrow at you. Your stomach effectively growls then, drawing a chuckle from the two of you as he helps you stand up. “Starved, actually.” Walking over to the stereo once he dresses himself he puts on a slow song as he grabs the brown paper bag, handing you the food you had prepared earlier, the two of you chatting quietly as you eat, and it isn’t long before you’re falling asleep, the soft hum of music still playing in the background as the two of you cling tightly to one another, falling asleep to the beating of your hearts.

seems fitting that Hobies story takes place in a practice room 😅 loved it by the way 😘
XD I was just waiting for the moment when someone heard them X3 hehehehe