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This is why Stephen Curry is the unanimous MVP!

After the Warriors lost Game 1 at home, it looked like it was going to be a tough series for Golden State. But after the game, Steph said he isn't worried and it would be fun to see them come back as a team from defeat.

And he kept his words.

Even though the Warriors were leading by a small margin and Durant was beating Curry in the clash between two aces...Curry wasn't going to let this one get by him.

After halftime, Curry just came out and showed the entire world why he is this season's unanimous MVP.

Just check out the video of Curry's incredible 3rd quarter performance...and thanks to his crazy mode in the 3rd quarter, the Warriors crushed the Thunder 118-91 and now the series is tied 1-1 as we head to Oklahoma City for Games 3 & 4.
His 3rd quarter performance was just off the hook!
@DucktheFodgers Haha but it ain't gonna be easy in Oklahoma City!
YESSSS we back on track! And Curry was soooo good! Loved seeing KD's face on the bench in the 4th quarter!