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I decided to write something. I know it isn't much but just write to get stuff out of your system. :) We are still on the hunt for a Jimin Angst. This story is actually a hard to find...or it's just me. :)

And I should put in some fluff to be fair since next week is Angst week.

Summary: He needed to know the reason you left and decided a chit chat with your friend would explain why. He had been waiting not very long. Not long at all. But to him waiting for a person to arrive ten minutes late was starting to annoy him. Jung-Hee was taking all the time she wanted. He used to do this a lot, so he deserved to wait too. Jung-Hee saw him and waved, walking over to the table he was sitting at. "What happened to her", was the first thing she was greeted with. "Y/N? I already said that you have to forget about her," Jung-Hee spitefully said as she sat down. "Why? She was my life. She was my all." "She was but now she isnt." "But why. Tell me. Im begging you why", he screamed. People turned and looked at them. Jung-Hee was in no mood to deal with him after all you had been through. "You really want to know", she said as she lit her cigar and she inhaled deeply. "She was never your life or anything special, she said exhaling all the smoke through her mouth." "She didnt mean anything to you." "But I was there for her- " "When?" "The pain she felt with you is unimaginable. You never loved her. Hell you probably never even knew she existed." "She was my everything", he yelled. "Sit down and stop making a scene. I cant even relax around you. If you really felt like she was special then prove to me what you did. Prove it." "All you need is proof, he scoffed. Ill give you proof." "I invited her to all my concerts." "But all the seats you gave her were never in the front. She was always in the back. Away from everyone and everything. Away from you." "We used to go out on dates almost every weekend." "Why were you always an hour late?" "I had some business to attend to." "Taking selfies with idols and fans is called business?" He looked shocked and it took him a while to register what was said. "How do you know?" "Who do you think told me everything. Y/N is my best friend. She knew what your business was and she never said anything." "I still have other things. I have more", he argued. "Stop. Please. You look pathetic enough. It's my turn to speak." "Where were you when Y/N was going through tough times?" "I was abroad. I couldn't-" "No facetime. No Skype? Line? Kakao? Nothing? Not even one single text." "I was busy", he replied sternly. "Ah. I see. So doing a live video on V-app and dancing around was you being busy?" "It was business. I had to." "Or what about the time when she was in the hospital due to a high fever. Where were you then Prince Charming? Still abroad?" "I was busy." "Meeting up with fans and taking selfies." "Work." Jung-Hee stubbed her cigar in the ash tray. She was done with this conversation. She had only had one puff of her cigar and if she didn't leave soon she was sure she would murder him. He was challenging her and she didn't feel like wasting her time with rubbish. "Oh! Look at the time. Its pretty late and I have to leave, she said standing up." "You never told me where she was." "You don't need to know. Its best for you not to know at all. She can finally be at peace from you and your troubles. I never understood what she saw in you and I don't think I ever will. Bye." "Wait. She'll come back into my arms. You're wrong." "No. Youll be the one that gets hurt", she said as she looked at him with pity and turned around and left. Jung-Hee had left him in a hole. She never mentioned where Y/N was. But she did say she was in a better place. She couldn't be dead because Jung-Hee told him to back off. He smirked to himself. He would find her and bring her back. They would be a couple again. Him and Y/N. He would do better this time. Just as he was getting up to leave he noticed someone out of his eyes. It was Y/N. They had some kind of fated connection. He knew this because he had specifically had waiting in this place because this was where Y/N loved to come and eat. In your face Jung-Hee. He was going to get Y/N back no matter what. They had a strong connection and her coming to this place meant that Y/N still had feelings for him. "Oppa you're making my stomach hurt from laughing too much", Y/N giggled holding onto some mans hand. He smiled warmly at her and cupped her face in his face and leaned down to kiss her. It was absolutlely revolting. She was his. How could she kiss some other man. They had promised to stick with one another. He needed to show her that she was his. So he waited until the other man excused himself to go to the restroom. He would make his move. He had stood up and started to stride towards Y/N until he had reached her table. He pretended to trip and fall near her. "Oh! The pain it hurts so much", he said as he clutched his head. "Oh my god. Are you ok? Excuse me, sir?" Y/N looked down at him with concern. It was her beautiful face and voice all right. He could tell it a mile away. But something was wrong. Why did she call me sir? "Sir", she repeated once again. "Do you not remember me? Do you not know who I am?" "I'm sorry. You must have mistaken me for another person. It might have happened when you tripped. Are you ok though?" Mistaken? Mistaken? No this was Y/N he was sure. He wasn't going delusional because of the fake injury he had caused himself. What was wrong with Y/N? Was she faking? "Are you sure you dont remember me", he pleaded. "No. I'm sorry but if it makes you feel any better we can acquaint ourselves. My name is Y/N."
"My name is Jimin."
This is what Jung-Hee had meant when she said he would get hurt. He had lost. He had lost Y/N. He had lost you.
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cry every time cry every time i cry ever time *insert Korean lyrics*
@janellym123 Angst is basically a dark depressing and emotional story in other words get ready for your heart to be torn to shreds because most of these stories end with no happy ending.
Growing pains from D&E anyone? Just me?
that unexpected turn
omg I can't wait for the next one!
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