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HIPHOPDX: Jay-Z said during an interview with Power 105.1 [Start watching the 1st interview at 11:54]: "'I think reviews have lost a lot of their importance now because of the internet,” Jay explained. “Everyone is experiencing things at the same time. You can write a review like the guy from USA Today, tomorrow. Ya’ll both can write the review at the same time…That’s why the critic became important in the music space because they got the music first. They would get the music two months early because the magazine had a long lead time. They get it. They sit with it. They review it. They send it out a month ahead of time. You reading it. You looking like ‘Oh, this album’s gonna be dope.’ You don’t have the music. So, you’re reading reviews for a month. Right now, the music comes out like this. People are writing a review in a day. First of all, you can’t listen to an album and rate it in a day. It’s just impossible…And when I see that I’m like ‘Oh, so this is all just bullshit.’” oh sheeeeiiitt man's got a point in my opinion, i think a lot of established publications and blogs are exploiting the album review. every website wants a lot of traffic and a lot of views, comments, likes, retweets, etc. and these days, the fastest upload of a wanted content (like the review of the magna carta holy grail album- it was getting a lot of press, hype, expectations before its release for obvious reasons) will get the most views, most traffic, while the others trail behind it. so these music critics have to get in their reviews fairly quickly to not fall behind. and i think that is one of the reasons that may potentially hinder the critic's utmost ability to really review and critique the album. a LOT of reviews were published on july 4 or 5 (la times, usa today, nyt, billboard, mtv.) on the day of release or a single day after it. and admittedly a lot of these reviews are really well written, but i can't help but think that it's all about who uploads/publishes it first and gets the most views and blah blah blah. with that said, i don't think it would hurt for music critics to take a little longer in terms of their grasp of an album. but it would hurt a publication's numbers for sure.
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But his music is shit... Don't know why he's famous... Just sayin