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What Does 대 Actually Mean?

If you're into Kpop, or just Korean culture in general, you've probably heard the syllable 대 (dae) used before.

So, what does it mean?

대 usually means big, grand, or great and comes from this really common Chinese character:

If you ever see this in Korean, Japanese, or Chinese, it means large or big!

So, who can you think of that has a Dae in their name, or a word that has Dae in it?!

For example: Hyundai is actually written 현대 in Korean :)
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what about dgna? isnt their group name 대국남아? does that count 😹😹
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Daesung of course lol
a year ago·Reply
hearing DAE I think of 3 things: Daebak, BIGBANG's Daesung, and Daeryung the older twin in Tasty.
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fun fact. Daeryung and his younger brother can be told apart by their names as to is older with Daeryung being translated to Big Dragon and his brother Saeryung translating to Little Dragon.
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