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For the past two years, Korea's food industry has been obsessed with the magical ingredient "honey."

Honey butter chips, honeycomb ice cream, honey chicken, honey face masks even!

But now, there is a new star on the rise...


(바나나 - banana)

From banana choco pies, banana chocolate shakes at every cafe, and banana flavored potato chips, it looks like BANANA is Korea's latest food trend.

Are you guys banana fans or not?

바나나 was the first word I learned to write in Korean! I have not made much progress since then though... 😅 But I love banana stuff! I had banana milk just a week or two ago. I also got a free banana sleep pack sample from TonyMoly and it was so nice too! I am all for the rise of the banana. 🍌
I love bananas, I also just had a good giggle fest because 바나나 is probably one of my favorite words because it was one of the first words I actually learned due to the simplicity. But I am extremely behind on my learning and need to work on it again but working 50 to 60+ work weeks the last long while has put a damper on it.
cue music. THIS BEAT IS BANANAS... B-A-N-A-N-A-S!!! XD Gwen Stafani's "Holla Back Gurl" was the song that actually helped me spell banana when I was a kid, because I always struggled with spelling it XD
The only time i eat banana is if we have it at home. If I can choose, i usually go for the citrus fruits or the watery fruits like watermelon or pear. Banana is too tarty for me.
Banana+Chocolate= deliciousness so I'm all in!!!!
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