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I personally suck at drawing animals. When I was younger I was drawing dragons and unicorns, thinking my pictures were just beyond awesome, but now that I look at them again a few years later, I can say I suck at drawing animal anatomy :D Now that I found these, I seriously consider trying out drawing animals again xD
are you on deviantart? these tutorials are very helpful. I always have problems with anything that deals with wings
whaaaaaat i am the worst drawer - -; definitely trying this soon hehehe
@Tapsamai whoops xD okay will do! Maybe I should do like a little contest or smth :3
heheh i beleive there would be people in here would do that with you. I did upload many of my photos in my collection. You can check it there !!
@Tapsamai Ohh :( ah well, maybe I'll do it anyways :D you should upload some of your photos! I am very interested in seeing them :)
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