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Here is an embarrassing story.

During high school, I once thought that I could microwave an avocado to ripen it. I know that was silly but I really wanted to eat the avocado. So, I placed into the microwave. After about 30 seconds, I took the avocado out and it was pure disaster. Not only did it smelled funky, it was still too hard to eat. My mom came into the kitchen and realized what happened and started to burst into laughter. Both of my sisters ran to the kitchen and we all laughed at the half-rock, half-rotten avocado.
If you guys ever run across the same situation. Here's a guide to help you tell when an avocado is ready. Don't eat unripe avocados because you can get diarrhea.
@donnaescropolo that's a really cool trick. I'm still a noob at picking avocados. My mom usually does the harvesting. I will try that the next time I'm home!
@cindystran yup, but most of the time I pick it when it's not yet ripe (but it has to be in its size ready to be picked) and I just put them in a sack and put them in a cool place, wait for a few days to ripen then Voila! i have my edible avocado 馃槃馃槀
@danidee I only recently heard of that trick. Another one is wrap the avocado with aluminum foil and place it next to an apple.
an avocado is ripe if it's already soft when poked and the outside is dark purple-ish ... it's great that we can pick avocadoes right from the tree and ripen it. 馃槃 i eat lots of those.
Avocados are so fussy! They're even worse than bananas. That whole trick of placing them in a small paper bag definitely helps though.
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