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Two main theories: 1. The sausages were believed to contain actual dog meat in the late 19th century; consumption of dog meat was common in Germany until the early 20th century. 2. In the mid-19th century, German immigrants to the US began selling thin, long variations of sausages and called them “dachshund sausages” due to their similarity to the dog breed. This may have eventually led to “hot dog.” (For etymologists, the appropriate term is "bastardization" of the original word. And no, bastardization is not a swear word...) http://hotword.dictionary.com/hot-dog-hamburger/
@minjaeturtles HAHAHAHAHHAHA now i feel like im going to be skeptical about every single thing i eat..........
@miranpark88 haha thanks. but sometimes, I think I'd prefer not knowing where my food comes from, if you know what I mean ;)
@minjaeturtles thanks for the fact!! can't believe i've been eating hotdogs my whole life without knowing where it comes frommmmm
No, I mean the actual hotdog itself is a "lower in quality" meat---> a hotdog is a bastardization of meat.
@curtisb hotdog is a bastardization of dachshund sausage
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