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“You could really introduce me to him!?” You asked in excitement as you walked with your boyfriend, Taehyung, around backstage at the MAMA Awards. You could feel butterflies in your stomach as you walked past all the idols. You bowed to each of them politely, but you had only one other idol on your mind. Taehyung had teased for months now how close him and Baekhyun were becoming. He knew how much you loved Baekhyun, but this was the first time he had agreed to introduce the two of you.
Taehyung smiled down at you as he pulled you along with him. He was genuinely excited because he knew how happy this would make you. He brought you straight to EXO’s dressing room. He knocked on the door. Baekhyun opened the door, greeting the two of you sweetly. You felt as though you were going to faint. Yes, you were absolutely in love with Taehyung, but Baekhyun had been your first bias in kpop. Now that you were standing in front of him, you couldn’t believe it wasn’t a dream. He was way more beautiful than just in pictures. His skin was perfect, even after he had washed off all the makeup. His big, puppy like eyes, his genuine smile, his pure skin.
He stepped aside, letting the two of you into the room. “Hey Taehyung, It is really nice to see you again. Is this your girlfriend that you told me about?” Baekhyun asked as the two of you took a seat on the couch across from him. Taehyung nodded and introduced the two of you. “Hi, I am Baekhyun. I heard that you are a big fan of mine. Taehyung told me all about your little shrine to me.” He teased as he gave you a quick hug.
You couldn’t help but blush. You reached over and lightly smacked Taehyung on the arm. “Ah, it isn’t a shrine. But yes, I am a huge fan. You were my first bias when I saw you in the History music video.” You told him in a giggly voice.
“Ah, the History video. I wore so much eyeliner in that video.” He yelled in embarrassment as he covered his face. You couldn’t help but laugh at his reaction. “Anyways, I’m sorry the other guys aren’t here for you to meet. They all had to get back to the dorms because they have their own busy schedules tomorrow.” He explained to you as he got up to get you all drinks.
He handed you a cup as the two boys started to discuss how their performances went during the award show. You listened to them and smiled brightly. It was so nice to hear the boys talking so sweetly and getting along together. It was the type of image all fans wished to see. The two of them laughed and jokes around about all the things fans have said about their music videos, their random hair colors, and especially about all the shipping that fans were doing.
“(Y/N), do you ever ship us?” Baekhyun asked suddenly. Your eyes widened at the question.
Taehyung automatically began to laugh and nod his head. “Oh yeah she has!” He announced loudly, the alcohol starting to go to his head. You could feel the alcohol starting to make your head feel light as well. You weren’t sure if Baekhyun felt it too, but he was laughing and a bit louder than he had been before. You pushed your hands in front of Taehyung face to try and shut him up. “No, no, no, I saw your Tumblr page!” He yelled in defiance before making a silly face.
You covered your face in embarrassment. You heard both the boys laughing at you. Your cheeks were burning and you just wished that this was all really a dream. But you were brought back to reality when you felt a hand on your knee. You looked up and saw Baekhyun staring at you closely. He was only a few inches away from you. “So is this evening like a dream come true? Me and your boyfriend in the same room with you, all alone.” He said the last part slowly and clearly seductively.
You breathe caught in your throat. You stared into his eyes, your mouth opened slightly, and your heart raced in your chest. His sexy expression turned to a silly angelic one when he suddenly pulled away with a bright smile. “Ah, Taehyung, you have a really beautiful girlfriend. I can see why you tease her so much, she blushes very cutely.”
Taehyung smiled and nodded over exaggeratingly. He placed his arm around your shoulder and leaned in close to you to place a kiss on your cheek. “She really is.” He whispered in a now deeper voice than his normal, already husky voice. He moved his lips down from your cheek, to your chin, and down to your neck. You gasped when you felt his teeth graze against your soft spot, just below the ear.
Your eyes fluttered shut for a brief second, but when they opened again you saw Baekhyun only a few inches away from you. His once innocent eyes became deadly, like snakes. He glanced at Taehyung for permission, which you assume was given, before closing the space between the two of you. He pressed his lips against yours. His lips were as soft as they looked. They moved against yours gently, but quickly added more passion as he leaned closer to you.
As he kissed you, Taehyung bit down on your soft spot; eliciting a moan from the back of your throat. You leaned forward, into Baekhyun as you squirmed from the bite. Baekhyun’s tongue slipped into your mouth as soon as your mouth opened to let out the moan. Your tongues danced around each-others’. His lips slowly trailed down the same way as Taehyung’s, and now Taehyung’s lips trailed back up to meet your lips.
Unlike Baekhyun, his kiss was much more animalistic. His lips were fierce, and a bit sloppy against yours. You could taste more alcohol on his lips than you had on Baekhyun’s. As he kissed you, he placed his hand on your knee, slowly trailing it up towards the hem of your dress. You gasped, feeling his long fingers approaching your core. Baekhyun bit down your collarbone, causing you to moan louder than you had meant to. Your legs opened slightly, letting Taehyung move his hand up under your dress. He skimmed his fingertips over your clothes slit. You were already wet, wanting both the boys just as you had dreamed so many times.
“Ah, Tae.” You moaned as he moved your panties slightly so he could press his fingers against your bare lips. Baekhyun began to move his lips down to your shoulders, reaching up and pulling the strap of your dress down. You leaned forward, allowing for him to pull the dress down to your waist so he could lower his lips to your breasts. He placed one hand on your left breast and his mouth on your right, sucking gently on your nipple.
You gasped, leaning back against the back of the couch. His long, delicate fingers rolled your nipples between his fingers. Taehyung, at the same time, slipped a finger inside you, hooking upward. He moved his finger quickly inside you, pressing against your g-spot. “Ah! Taehyung!” You moaned louder as your body began to feel as though it was on fire.
Baekhyun bit on your breast lightly. He moved his hand from your down to your clit, pressing his thumb against it. Your body jolted in pleasure and surprise at the sudden over stimulation. You leaned your head back, but it snapped up the moment you felt tongue against your slit. You looked down to see Taehyung looking up at you teasingly. He began to move his tongue inside you, slow at first, but picking up speed.
Taehyung reached up and placed a hand on your free breast, squeezing it and massaging it. You placed one hand on Taehyung’s head, tangling your fingers in his hair, and your other hand on Baekhyun’s lap. With his free hand, he undid his pants, and let his member free. You smiled at him, kissing him once again as you wrapped your hand around his member and began to move your hand up and down on it. He moaned, his voice coming out more like he was singing. Taehyung added a finger inside you as he moved his tongue faster and Baekhyun’s thumb moved your clit in faster circular motions.
You felt your core tighten and your legs shake as your orgasm quickly approach. Taehyung knew how close you were getting as he stood up straight; leaving you whining for more. He placed his hand on your chin and pulled your lips away from Baekhyun’s. You looked up at him with half-lidded eyes; lost in the bliss of the moment. He leaned down and kissed you. You could taste yourself on your lips, and you knew that was a turn on to him. He pulled away, placing his hand on the top of your head and starting to guide it down towards Baekhyun’s member.
You wrapped your lips around it, slowly moving your head down and up slowly. You felt Taehyung align his own member with your entrance, slowly entering you. Baekhyun placed his hand on top your hand, taking the place of Taehyung’s as he moved his own hands to your waist. Baekhyun moved your head faster up and down, causing you to gag slightly, but pleasurably.
Taehyung moved his hips fast, moving with expertise as though he was dancing. His hips snapped against you. You moved your head faster, feeling as Baekhyun’s grip on your hair tightened as his climax began to approach. Taehyung’s was getting closer as well as his moves became more sporadic. All at once, you all reached your peek.
As you came down from your high, your head feeling light as though you were on a cloud. “Was it like all you ever dreamed?” Taehyung asked as he took a seat next to you. You smiled, nodding your head quickly. Baekhyun laughed, sitting on the other side of you, and patted your leg.
“That was a lot of fun. Feel free to call if you guys ever want to hang out again.” Baekhyun teased.

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