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Recently, Twice went on Sister Slam Dunk Show and was playing arm wrestling. Tzuyu was up next and challenged Jessi.

Originally, Tzuyu was just going to arm wrest with her jacket but the host and other Twice members told her to take it off. Jihyo convinced Tzuyu.

The fan boys or ahjussi (uncles) were pleased (and even got a little shy).

The matched begins.

Tzuyu lost.

Jessi jokingly screams "you're weak." But she immediately says sorry to the fans.

Because they were not pleased.

Watch the entire clip here!

It's just a game but the fans takes it seriously. Would you do the same if your bias lost in an arm wrestling game? lol
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@annevictoriaaa I don't think they were necessarily starting fan wars. Lol. The camera just caught them glaring at the wrong moment. Haha
@cindystran I know they're not physically/verbally starting fanwars, but some people take things out of proportion and start rumors just out of spite of the situation.
@annevictoriaaa Really? That's so scary.
@cindystran Yea, it's ridiculous. I understand that most of what these idols do are in good fun especially since most of us fans would like to see what they are like outside of perfoming. But I've read some articles by sources like Koreaboo and Allkpop and the people that respond are either (just being vague) chill and just support their idols or they're at the other end of the spectrum and start making assumptions. I mean, people think what they want to think and say what they want to say. There's no controlling that unfortunately. ๐Ÿ˜”
@annevictoriaaa True. Which is why I keep myself from getting too into something lol. It's dangerous.