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Recently, North Korea released this updated portrait of their leader, King Jong-Eun. And like all quirky, noteworthy photos that hit the Internet, it sparked its very own Photoshop battle.

Behold the hilarity.

Never thought you'd see the Supreme Leader with Steve Buscemi eyes, huh?

Feeling a little 'Uncharted' there, Mr. Kim?

Looks like Steve Harvey is North Korea's hottest style icon.

That's 'Leader' Potato Head to you.

Oh my god, he looks like that massive troll from Harry Potter.

Who lives in a hermitage over the sea? JONG. EUN. SQUARE. PANTS.

Bigmouth strikes again!

...And then there's Littlemouth. Teehee.

Just when it seemed the Teletubby sun couldn't get creepier.

These teeth are so terrifying though.

Seems like another horrible movie remake is in the works in the DPRK.

THIS FIT TOGETHER WAY TOO WELL. I'm officially scared.

Is anyone else lowkey obsessed with Katamari Damacy humor?

This untouched photo has been officially touched.

So which one is YOUR favorite? Is there a clear winner to this Photoshop battle?

Let me know what you think in the comments below!
Trump one!!! Lol
@Animaniafreak THE TRUMP ONE IS SO FREAKY. Omg, their faces work so well together!
rofl! The Telestubbies and trump ones are killing me!
I like Kim-mona Lesa
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