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Did anyone else lay on the lawn and watch the clouds when they were little kids? I feel like that kind of skygazing is a lost art.

What other outdoor activities do you remember doing when you were a kid that you don't see much anymore these days?

Personally, I'd be down to bring back the Slip-N-Slide.

Freeze tag. I remember when me and all the neighborhood kids would play freeze tag. The game would usually end quickly because the fastest kids (usually the boys) wouldn't play fair, so us girls would leave and play in another girl's backyard.
playing on the swings and the trusty tire swing were my favorite
growing up I remember laying out in my backyard resting my head on our collie and looking up at the stars. also remember when it rained so much that our street flooded so all the neighborhood kids got together and played in it. made my mom furious lol.
lol I remember the whole day.. maybe even week.. was made by the prospect of hooking a sprinkler up to the water hose so we could run through it..I loved it..I bet it's still fun