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Lately, I go to sleep around 2 AM ever night. (It's usually when I'm feeling most creative and have more time to work on my personal projects.)
The problem is that now I can't even go to sleep early even if I wanted to. If I tried to go to sleep at 10 PM, I'd probably just wake up at midnight ready for my day.

Who else here has a completely messed up body clock?

Night owls of the world, unite!
I could be in by 9 by not fall alseep till 4am
Sux even worse for me because I work morning's...
I can't go to sleep before 10, if I do I'm up at 3 can't go back to sleep until 8, I try my best to force myself to go to sleep at midnight then I won't wake up until my alarm goes off at 6 am. I've been this way my whole life it sucks sometimes
@danidee no matter what time i go to sleep i wale up at six its a curse
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