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This couple just had to tell over 9 million subscribers that they're breaking up.

In a video that was honestly hard to watch, the couple shared that their daily vlogging took a toll on their relationship and their sanity.

They've been vlogging since 2009 every single day and as for yesterday, they couldn't take it any more.

This vlog made me think about the couples that I know who vlog, and how they can possible sustain a healthy relationship.

Just like this couple said in the video, how can you tell when you're doing something "for the vlog" or when you're doing something because you genuinely love the person.

Its a really fine line.

Interracial Couples

Blogs like Rachel & Jun or MyKoreanHusband capitalize on the fact that they're in an interracial couple. While Rachel and Jun actually post really valuable advice on living in Japan, MyKoreanHusband makes me SQUIRM.
The title of the vlog says it all, she's selling the fact that she has a Korean husband since Korea is "trendy" right now. I can't imagine that makes the relationship easy...

The Prank Couples

This is actually the same couple as the breakup video. They made daily prank videos and to be honest, I wouldn't be able to last a week of this. Even if you're pissed off and tired of it, you have to keep the pranks going :/

Power Couples

What happens when you're BOTH successful vloggers?
For example, Sarah (who has 350k followers on her vlog devoted to her baby) and Joe (nearly 3million followers on his guitar vlog) are the ultimate social media power couple. They, however, keep their work as separate as possible and the closest they come to sharing their relationship was this wedding video and anything Sarah might share with her baby vlog.
There is also ThePointlessBlog/Alfie (3 million followers) and Zoe/Zoella (10 million followers) who are also super vloggers. Zoe was known for having panic attacks about people talking about her relationship with Alfie...

So, seeing the different kinds of couples on youtube:

Do you think that vlogging will ruin their relationships or do you think couples that are meant to be together will be together no matter what?

Would you ever start vlogging?

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I don't like watching couple's vlog, it's weird, i can only focus on one person at any given time, two ppl just seem to fight for the spotlight. I enjoy the anonymity and value my privacy too much, so vlog will never be my thing.
@Animaniafreak yeah even with this couple the guy kind of got on my nerves cause of how he was the more talkative one, idk
i personally feel like i'd never be able to do this; while i have a strange affliction for watching birth vlogs (not even sure why since i'm not planning on or interested in having kids anytime soon at all), i feel like i would be pissed if someone was vlogging me while in labor lol.
I think that couples who want to be with each other will stay together. Maybe the vlogging was too much and they just needed time to themselves which they never got. Thus leading them apart. I think that space from constant vlogging is necessary.
I don't think I would ever start vlogging. It just seems to complicate the relationship. I believe that if people are meant to be together and they are vloggers that they will work at their relationship everyday. It is hard just to be in a relationship but as long as both people work at it and really love each they can get threw anything.