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I know shoes are something that can be mindlessly piled up from over the years. So, I was wondering do you guys throw out your old shoes, donate them or keep them on the shoe rack?

Also, what do you guys think about sharing a picture of your shoe collection?

I think it'll be a great idea to see what type of shoes we own over the years. I'll be posting mine this weekend after my weekly cleaning.
Tagging y'all! Don't feel pressured to participated if you don't want to. It's just for fun! =)
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@TessStevens well, summer is here! Gotta flaunt those shoes! lol
True that! I had to get some new flats and open toed wedges, just good for the hotter weather here in California lol
@TessStevens definitely! Toms shoes has a good selection of summer wedges! And if you're in LA you have to visit their store!
I had over 20 pairs but Ido how many I have now
my shoe collection isnt that big even though I keep all my old shoes, weather they have holes or not