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I know I have been bugging you guys a lot already by posting so much about Monsta X, but please bare with me. There is just so much I want to share with you guys.

I'll start off with this message Minhyuk gave:

My Thoughts--> I just honestly feel like they shouldn't have to do this if they win! We will be happy enough if they are happy and that's why we are trying to give them a win, but let's be honest there is nothing us Monbebe can do to stop them but keep supporting them and giving them the win that they are fighting for. They honestly do deserve it so much! Please Support Monsta X! & Thank you to all the other fandoms that have been supporting Monsta X as well! I have posted a card HERE of how to vote.

Monbebe will forever be thankful for all the support! Thank You!! & Monbebe Hwaiting!

Btw, Jooheon felt overwhelmed by the fans support that he began to cry in the first showcase!!

Aaww, happy tears, happy tears!

This reminds me of what he said in 'Hip Hop Tribe/Nation'... 사란해 몬스타 엑스~ ♡
It makes me sad that monsta x is underrated. they work so hard even to get their spots on monsta x (I watched no mercy),
Awwwhhh that was touching. I love how caring are the boys, but as I always say" I'LL ALWAYS BE A MONBEBE TO MONSTA X AND ALWAYS SUPPORT THEM NO MATTER WHAT " 😊 💝 💝 💝 FIGHTING MONSTA X LOVE YAAA 💪. .......AND MY BABY GUGUGAGA 😭😭😭😭
a 4 hour long broadcast with them walking that that's just poor babies, but if they want I'll just be their to support !fighting!
you're cards aren't ever a bother bro! and it's nice to see the guys care so much for us but honestly they shouldn't have to promise anything to us if they win. it's only right that they win for all their hard work, they deserve it. like you said monbebes would be happy just seeing them happy. I really hope they win though, I've literally been spending all my free time voting and streaming their video. 😄😄 oh my god jooheon crying made me tear up so bad. he works so hard, they all do. my cute sentimental joohoney. lol. 😆😄
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