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Warning: This is not your ordinary selfie.

Even though we take selfies all the time, we don't always manage to get on one of those huge screens at sporting events because....well, there are about a million other people doing everything they can to get on that screen.
But this fan at a Cleveland Indians game, managed to get a selfie of him on one of those mega screens at baseball stadiums and the best part?

He managed to get a selfie of it!

That is what you call skills.

Damn, that takes some good timing! Whenever I've gone to a Padres game, I feel like people are only on the jumbotron for like 3 seconds before they've moved on.
So Awesome!
Love the facial expresson
@danidee I think the camera guys at stadiums take away your moment of fame as quickly as possible so you can't take a photo of it. But that guy just knew he was going to be on that screen and had his phone ready!