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Americans have a much better chance of being killed by lighting than by a terrorist attack on US soil. The FBI points out that it has caught tons of terrorists in the process of plotting attacks. In reality, however, most of these people have been caught in undercover operations. In these undercover operations, individuals without ties to major terrorist organizations had vague ideas about harming the US, but no access to weapons or concrete plans. Undercover agents set up deals to get them weapons, and than arrest them and tout it as a foiled plot. Seems like our defense budget is way out of proportion with the threats we face. In my opinion, terrorism is a law enforcement problem--not an existential threat--and not a military issue.
@saravy i see your point, I think I could have written that better. What I meant is that terrorism is not a threat to the continuation of the United States. As bad as it is it is not the kind of thing that requires the ridiculous spending of the past 10 years. We should do all we can to stop it, but keep in mind that 9/11 cost al Qaeda 150,000 dollars. It cost the united stated over 1,000,000,000,000,000 dollars
Not that I completely disagree with you, but does local law enforcement have the power or connections that would be needed for some of these cases. Especially, when some of these people are internationals not here. Maybe domestic cases should be handled by them and the international cases by the FBI. Or no?