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Talking To Your Crush

True story:

I worked at my university's library and talked to my coworkers about my crush a bit but they had NEVER seen him in person.
One day he came out of nowhere and asked for help finding a book and I was a MESS. Afterwards my coworkers were like....that was your crush wasn't it.


Pls tell me this doesn't just happen to me lol...

heh...nah, you're not alone. i first saw & met some old crush in his business clothing, then few days later, we all have to wear this army uniform at work 😉 not knowing he was to wear the same uniform that day I was speechless. So I was walking around with other people when he called my name to great me like "hey what's up" I turned around & saw this dashing man in uniform & my foot forgot which way is the front & I tripped! I tripped on myself 😆 got up & I walked it off, walked far far off...
I have had plenty of embarrasing things happen in front of my former crush (moved to South Africa of all places) for example we were in the pottery classroom and we were just talking (he was sitting in a chair in front of me and I was sitting on a table in the back of the class which was just behind him, but someone needed to walk in between the two of us to get across the classroom, so I stood up next to him and let the person pass, but I'm pretty sure this person pushed me on purpose, because next thing I know I am being pushed onto his lap and I accidentally pinned him to the table... I turned to bright red and tried to run off, but tripped in the process. of all things that could've happened it just HAD to be that... 😖
I crush so hard that I've never made it out the friend zone 😭😭😭
I usually end up punching my crush in the arm at least once because I some how always end up developing a crush on one of my close guy friends but it usually goes away after a little bit...... or they move halfway across the world
oh my gosh. so every day this guy came through the drive through, ordered the same thing every morning. Knew his name, knew his car, knew his order, knew his major in college... Haven't seen him in two and a half years, we still live in the same city... tried showing up at the old restaurant and he wasn't there on time... I wonder if he came to see me too. :p
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