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True story:

I worked at my university's library and talked to my coworkers about my crush a bit but they had NEVER seen him in person.
One day he came out of nowhere and asked for help finding a book and I was a MESS. Afterwards my coworkers were like....that was your crush wasn't it.


Pls tell me this doesn't just happen to me lol...

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My crush told me she liked me back after I told her I liked her. She showed great interest in me but, once summer started she completely ignored me and has been starting to push me away. I don't know what to do anymore
tbh I talk faster then I usually do and when I walk away my body gives out lol like wall support me
omg.... I think a thousand times before I say anything, my heart beats so fast, and after I turn around or walk away I start thinking again about what I said
More than anything I turn into a hugeeeee klutz! Someone can pass me something in front of my crush and my fingers will instantly turn to butter! One time my crush sat in front of me in class and four of my friends across from me and started saying all sort of stuff I regret telling them. He turned around and everything went downhill. I got reeeeeaaaalllllyyyy hot. Since he found out I liked him I think that's y he never talked to me again馃槗