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Sergei Magnitsky, who was thrown into a Moscow jail in 2008 by the same officers he accused of tax fraud, was just convicted of tax evasion. Magnitsky died in his cell a year after his imprisonment, and the United States passed a law in his name. The Magnitsky Act bars anyone who was part of his political persecution from getting a visa to the United States. This led to the recent ban on adoption of Russian children by US parents. Now, Magnitsky has been convicted, sending an even stronger signal to would be dissenters in Russia.
haha I just saw that!
@oj1992 hahaha i love the last part of ur comment lol
@oj1991 I really appreciate it. Did you look into the conditions in the prison at all? Really sad stuff
@curtisb firstly I wanna thank you and everyone who have commented on yr cards for giving me an insight to the world of happenings. I am like @Goyo ... seldom read the papers. Anyway news are faster on the social platform than on print. : ) And I cant believe a man can be convicted posthumously. It's just purely ridiculous ! .... oj storms off to the food cards to cool down ...
I guess I could have written that better. Basically, Sergei Magnitsky was a Russian accountant who accused lots of government officials of stealing from the government. Many of those officials had close ties to Putin. So Magnitsky was arrested (Russians can legally be held for 1 year without trail) and died after 12 months in Prison. Conditions at the prison were bad---He developed gall stones, pancreatitis and a blocked gall bladder and received inadequate medical care. A human rights council set up by the Kremlin found that he was beaten up just before he died. He was just convicted (even though of course, he's already dead).
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