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When you use cream products that come in tubes, you gotta make sure to get everrrrryyyy single part of the product out of there so you're not wasting your money!
Tip: you can use the flat back of a comb to "squeegee" the tube from the crimped end to the cap end (cap off). The will get the product off the sides of the tube and pooled at the open end. Then cut close to the cap end. You will have less scraping than pictured here that way!
Tip: you can buy little containers like this in a two pack for a dollar at Walmart in the pharmacy travel section. Or, you can use something like a contact case that you have left over to store your product, which is also great for travel!
I make sure to use every bit of my toothpaste, so why wouldn't I do the same for my makeup which costs WAY more on average than a tube of toothpaste!!
@cindystran Yeah, i use a lot of cream foundations so i'm always annoyed the end of a tube, lol!
Smart tip! I really don't like using tubes because a lot of products are stuck in the container but I'll give this a try for my lip gloss.