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If Kobe does agree to a hefty pay cut, it most likely wouldn't be enough to sign the likes of LeBron or Melo. Who do you think the Lakers have a high probability of bringing to LA next year?
They can't get Chandler unless they trade for him. He's under contract till 2014-2015. Nowitzki would NEVER go to the Heat. He's been quoted as saying there is nothing he hates more in this world than them. Melo is possible... but would most likely require that 2 of the big 3 opts out next year (I think Lebron is a guarantee... but Bosh is uncertain). If Lebron goes to the Lakers, I'm going to quit watching the NBA... I really hope he goes back to the Cavs...
@JohnLee you could say that but they could theoretically amnesty him to make a run at the huge free agent class next year. I mean they could make runs at Nowitzki, Melo, even Tyson Chandler. I know it sounds weird but there are other fish they could land with that money
They should probably make a run at Bogut or Demarcus Cousins. Cousins may be a head case but he has talent and the Kings seem reluctant to pay him max money.
So in you guys saying Bosh would go to the lakers... you guys are assuming that the Heat amnesty him? He still has 3 more seasons with the Heat. The last 2 years are Player Options but I doubt he will opt out of 40 million dollars. The Heat would be pretty foolish to amnesty him because he is a far more valuable trade chip. What team wouldn't want to trade for him? If they amnesty him... they also have to pay out the rest of whatever money is the difference between the bid his new team offers him and his existing contract... and the new team will also have to be under the salary cap! Will the Lakers be under the cap then?
@goyo I gotta agree with you. I think Bosh has a high probability of going to another team. I don't consider him the most talented center, but that size lineup for the Lakers would be hard to defend
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